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  • 咨詢熱線:0593-7856798



          Xin Yuan Construction & Theming Co., Ltd  was founded in Ningde city, Fujian province in 2004. After completion of Adventure Isle in Shanghai Disneyland, we opened our Shanghai Theme Finishes head office which is responsible for all kinds of projects that are related with theme including landscape development, theme and ecology parks, hotels, cultural tourist spots, exhibitions, etc. We are committed to providing one-stop service from concept design, detail design to construction of theme character plaster, theme painting, theme paving, GRP, GRC, GRM and Epoxy cladding and to final project turn overs. Besides, since the foundation of the company and the Theme Finishes head office, we have involved and is still working on multiple outstanding and well-known projects, to name a few, Shanghai Disneyland, Zhuhai Chimelong Ocean Kingdom, Huai’An Journey to West Theme Park, Sanya Atlantis, World Fairytale Theme Park of Hainan Evergrande Ocean Flower island, Shenyang National Geographic center and so on.

         Xin Yuan, by sticking to the principle of ‘Live out of Quality and Develop out of Reputation’, combining the notion of art and nature and by delicate and fine carving and theme painting craftsmanship, generates tons of high quality artworks. In 2017, we were awarded both the ‘Luban Prize China Construction Project’ which is the highest honor of Chinese building engineering quality and the ‘Excellent Constructor’. By far, our high reputation as one of the greatest players in theme finishes industry is widely recognized.


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