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    Project Manager
    Job responsibilities:
    1. Project manager is the chief responsible person for quality, civilization, environment/occupational health and safety in the project manager department and is responsible for quality and environment/occupational health and safety of the project.
    2. Carefully implement the quality, environment/occupational health & safety policy of the Party and the State, and technical standards and specifications for quality, environment/occupational health and safety.
    3. Organize and formulate quality, civilization, environment/occupational health and safety assurance measures for unit’s projects and responsible for organizing implementation and inspection.
    4. Establish and construct quality, civilization, environment/occupational health and safety assurance system for this project, and actively carry out the work of quality, environment/occupational health and safety in production.
    5. Responsible for cooperating with relevant departments to carry out on-the-job training for the operators of the unit.
    6. When quality, environment/occupational health and safety accidents occur in the unit, the project manager should be on the spot to organize rescue and conduct analysis of accident causes, at the same time, timely report to the Department of Quality and Security and participate in the investigation and treatment of accidents .
    7. Responsible for the reporting of technical data on quality, environment/occupational health and safety stipulated in this project
    8. Organize the quality, civilization, environmental/occupational health technology presentation of the project,  understand and educate Three-Level Safety Technology and strengthen inspection.
    9. Carry out various environmental/occupational health and safety activities, enhance staff's safety awareness, enhance employee safety technology and motivation; Develop quality and technology education to improve the construction technology and skills of employees
    10. Organize “Work Safety Week” & “100-day safe and accident-free activities” for the project, enhance environmental/occupational health and safety inspection during activities. Eliminate safety accidents during activities.
    11. Strengthen the inspection and management of quality, civilization, environment/occupational health and safety in production of this unit and subcontractors.
    Job requirements:

    accept expatriation,  have a certificate of first-class builder or second-class builder, abundant work experience and high sense of responsibility .
    Theme Painters /Theme Sculptors
    Requirements and conditions:
    1. Have a high artistic aesthetic vision
    2. Participated in large-scale color and sculpture construction work
    3. More than 3 years experience in construction work
    4. Technical level is the best and can control all kinds of artistic effects.
    Job responsibility:
    1. Help the leader and art director to achieve artistic effects independently or together
    2. To guide primary painters or sculptors to achieve the best results in construction
    3. Complete some difficult and demanding artistic effects
    4. Help the leader lead his team
    Deepening Designers
    Job responsibility:
    1. Assist with project manager or construction manager to deepen design work and Complete the whole set of construction drawings
    2. Fully understand the details of the design and construction drawings converted from the design.
    3. Participate in the cooperation and negotiation of project construction site;
    4. Responsible for construction site modification and making of completion drawing.
    5. If necessary, it is necessary to follow up the construction site for drawing rectification and solve construction difficulties.
    6. Assist in the follow-up of materials and project progress
    Requirements and conditions:
    1. Require proficiency in CAD, 3D Max, Sketch Master, more than two years related working experience
    2. Willing to travel
    3.Workplace: China
    Engineering Quality Officer
    Job responsibility:
    1. Conscientiously implement the current technical standards and operating rules of the state and the relevant systems of higher authorities.
    2. Participate in drawing review and technical presentation, and participate in the formulation of technical organizational measures.
    3. Participate in technical review and acceptance of concealed works
    4. Responsible for quality audit and inspection of raw materials, finished products and semi-finished products
    5. Responsible for supervising and inspecting the test of cast-in-place components, and do a good job in the management of weighing and test block pressure test with mix ratio.
    6. Responsible for filling in quality assessment forms and related reports, recommending and properly keeping technical files.
    7. Participate in the inspection, analysis and treatment meeting of engineering quality accidents.
    8. Often go deep into the construction site, cooperate with the construction personnel to correct and solve the quality problems in time.
    9. Do a good job in the relevant work of meeting the requirements of the standard
    1. College degree or above, candidate holding Quality Officer Certificate is preferred.
    2. Workplace: China
    Job responsibility:
    1. Be able to operate, use and maintain surveying and mapping instruments and equipment correctly, and make good records of relevant;  Strengthen equipment management to ensure the use of equipment under effective controlled conditions
    2. On-site site selection and distribution of network, laying various measuring pile points and setting various measuring signs

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